Find 52: St. Lucia

Who are we and who do we want to be?

"If we want to make this world a better place we have to become better ourselves."


This is the essential question that underpins literacy.

On January 18 I ran a 101 mile circuit of St. Lucia to raise funds that support our literacy development charity, OneWorld Schoolhouse. Now that it's over, I need you to go the extra mile.

What the run taught me is this: I’ve had tremendous advantages – including exposure to books at an early age. Words and pictures are central to my professional success yet it is so easy to take literacy for granted. For thousands of kids, however, just finding books can be a struggle. That’s why we run festivals and donate books to libraries.

If, like me, you wonder where you’d be without literacy, then there's a simple thing you can do. Donate $5.20, $52 or even $520 at You'll become part of a great story.

By the way, you can follow the entire St. Lucia run in 7 videos. (Don’t worry: they’re only 52 seconds long!)

Richard Clewes

CTV Television coverage video of last years Find 52 fundraising event.